Sister Poets speaking in woma-lingo tongues

WORD is a force and within its etymology, has a force as mysterious and mythical as the cycles of life presented in a woman’s body. Womanhood is a tribe with two sides that push and pull, drawing in and drawing out to balance between the physical and the ethereal. A woman is a S/WORD, slashing self-preservation to indulge creation into the path of continuity. Her voice is a lullaby that soothes kings before they wear crowns of authority and high handedness. Her voice of a weeping window burying her soldier sons. She is the hearth that feeds life a protective shell to glimpse its first experience of all earthly journeys. To discount a woman is to discount nature’s benevolence in its ever giving nurture. To disparage a woman is to spit at the hand of creation that give so much grace to a creature that births itself and other. In cerebrating womanhood, great poetry was birthed. No one can judge the emotions and wisdom within the words neither can accurate value be stamped authoritatively upon any piece, for all without fail deliver a universal truth about the plight of women in their journey of holding their divine portion in sustaining and carrying on the mantle of living. Great voices that speak ‘womalingo’ from WOWAWORDS recent entries delivered from their hearts and to other hearts. Ten pieces that speak as internationally as music does in its varied tones, tunes and crescendos from Caroline Akui of Kenya, Nelani Goonawardena from India and Anya Wikramanayake Sri Lanka, Colombo. Together We Rise -( Blurb by August Edition Guest Editor , Nancy Ndeke).

Melissa Begley brews a Poetic Mix of Joy and Pain.

Melissa Begley has just brewed a heart rending paradox through a poetic refreshment mix  of pain and joy. They are traces of bitterness after losing her beloved life partner as days quivered in the December  seizures  of Christmas trance  .The Poet Writer does not wholly  succumb on the altar of grief  forever . She sings of joys and sweet memories of love once lived with contentment and fulfillment. Her verses are clad with  pain  of    emptiness  and the excitement that  the  clean spirit her departed  beloved  has been embraced  by the golden rays  of the  New-year sun  en-route to the heavenly comfort of the Almighty God  .  Melissa Begley wields her brave pen to archive her painful loss, romantic anecdotes, sweet memories, thought threads and life  tracks . She grieves her loss with her soul bubbling with the glow of glory that humiliates devil’s sinful anticipations. Poet Begley is not only a writer but also an archivist and a chronicler of daily life events. Let’s drink Melissa Begley’s new poetic beverage with the anticipation of a glorious year. Happy Great Year of 2020-( WOMAWORDS EDITOR).

Nancy Ndeke is Our Word Slinger Emeritus.

The girl saga is the role model who puts a mask to lead the limping Nation to clap in pomp and applause at visiting dignitaries. She is the epitome of maternal care oozing smiles under cracked lips from excess showmanship of bottled pain and buried grief. She dances well on wooden feet to songs laced with sarcasm and sensual innuendos that she no longer understands or cares to. Hers is the seat of queen-ship spiked with thorns the size of ram horns. Hers is the champion of losers of inner debates that the world would be shocked to know. Hers is a choreographed hymn that praises the devil in blatant lies and heavy breathing. Nowhere is this spirit of diminished presentation of the Lilly of the forest and bush tales of culture preservation more pronounced than among people speaking loftily about equal rights. If it’s not domesticated hooliganism, its sexual predatory tendencies. If it’s not battery, its drudgery. If it’s not penury, its beggary.

Kelle Grace Gaddis , an amazing pen slinger.

Yellow Chair Review published Kelle Grace Gaddis’s first book, My Myths, in 2017. She’s recently published her second with Cyberwit titled, When I’m Not Myself. Other recently published works appear in Interim, BlazeVOX 15 & 17, Rye Whiskey Review, Chicken Soup For The Soul: Dreams & The Unexplainable, Dispatches Editions Resist Much / Obey Little, Vending Machine Presses Very Fine Writing, The Till, Five Willows Poetry Review, Thirteen Myna Birds Journal, Knot Literary Magazine, Entropy, DoveTales, and the forthcoming Fiction War Magazine Volume 8, 2019 and elsewhere. She was honored to be a Tupelo Press 30/30 Writer in 2018, a 4Culture “Poetry on the Buses” contest winner in 2015 and 2017, and a prize-winning finalist in the National Fiction War Contest in summer of 2018. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington in 2014.

Corina Junghiatu Romania’s literary diplomat.

Corina Junghiatu is Director of the literature and art platform, World Literary Union.
Director of the Romanian Voice magazine.Vice champion of the EUROPEAN Poetry Championship.Director of the WORLD poets ASSOCIATION.Book editor at Lyrical Graph publishing, Romania

Arathy Asok is Kerala’s voice of reason.

Arathy Asok resides in Kerala, India.
She is a bilingual writer and has recently brought out her book of poems Lady Jesus and other poems( Authors Press, Delhi, 2018). Her poems have appeared in national and international journals, in print and online (in Samyukta, Poetry Chain,anti heroin chic, Poets in Nigeria, Blue Nib magazine, Door is Ajar and Culture Cult). They are included in an Anthology called Native Petals and Iliyali(forthcoming). Her stories have been published in Rupture, Credo Espire and have been translated to her mother tongue and published in Indian Express Malayalam Online.


It is very easy for society to blame culture and norms, and men for the demise of women writers; but we should note that there is an institution that transcends individuals at play. This institution favours male writers over female writers and gives a more powerful societal voice to the men as compared to the women. This institution forces women to give in to men who make sexual demands of them in order to establish their careers. This is the same institution that forced (in the West, back then) writers like the Bronte Sisters (Bell Brothers), J.K. Rowling (Robert Galbraith), and Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin (George Sand) to use male pseudonyms when publishing their masterpieces for fear of criticism. Though the world has moved on, the fact that the African writing circle is dominated by men makes it as equally hard to manoeuvre as the western writing industry of old

Dancing to the Beat of Poetry Life

She reminds us with the prick of her paradoxical sickle that life can sometimes bloom like a flower, coughs like toddler , snakes life a river , and is sometimes melodious like a dove .Life can be both a gloom and glow .Her poem reveals the maturity. Her simple but deep verses leave no traces of doubt that the author is a revered teacher and does not strangle or twist grammar to reveal issues but rather flow with wave of verbal dexterity and lyrical simplicity without going to war with lines, verses and metaphors. She is a globally certified literature scholar, mentor and English Professor .


She chews bitter and sweet lyrics, marinates them inside chambers of her literary furnace, chews them again and then spits the cud upon the sun beaten Cape Verdean sands. Glória Sofia is a deep, versatile and an illustrious Cape Verdean poet with three published books and some more contributions in a number of anthologies. Sofia …