A sad lullaby for Syria by Poet Ambily Omanakuttan .

MY SYRIA is a protest poem by AMBILY OMANAKUTTAN . She bravely volunteers to be the mother of the child of war, Syria .Syria a country ravaged by war .Her imagery is heavy with pain and her metaphors are swollen with tears. She is not protesting about Syrian war, they are many countries under the …

Dancing to the Beat of Poetry Life

She reminds us with the prick of her paradoxical sickle that life can sometimes bloom like a flower, coughs like toddler , snakes life a river , and is sometimes melodious like a dove .Life can be both a gloom and glow .Her poem reveals the maturity. Her simple but deep verses leave no traces of doubt that the author is a revered teacher and does not strangle or twist grammar to reveal issues but rather flow with wave of verbal dexterity and lyrical simplicity without going to war with lines, verses and metaphors. She is a globally certified literature scholar, mentor and English Professor .


She chews bitter and sweet lyrics, marinates them inside chambers of her literary furnace, chews them again and then spits the cud upon the sun beaten Cape Verdean sands. Glória Sofia is a deep, versatile and an illustrious Cape Verdean poet with three published books and some more contributions in a number of anthologies. Sofia …


Neither Mum nor the biology will answer Nnenna's questions about sex, menstruation and all the new things 14 year old Nnenna experiences in her body and emotions. Older sister Adaora tries to help, but, she's busy bunking out of the house for the social life Mum forbids. The "belles" in Nnenna's class mock Nnenna for her boyish frame and late start to her periods. But it's Nnenna that Kunle, the most attractive boy in the school falls for. Ify, one of the belles, goes after Kunle, pushing Nnenna to prove to Kunle that she is as sexy and attractive as the belles are. When Mum finds out about the relationship, Nnenna escapes Mum's violent punishments to find solace in Kunle's arms. The two young people do not foresee the consequences coming their way.


Well, dear Ayo, I admit I owe you an apology. I should have written to you at least 7 years back, even if only to encourage you on the next leg of your journey (our journey after all). But, first things first, let me start from the beginning, by wishing you and us a happy day of the girl. When I read stuffs about nurturing our inner child, I smile because I give that a 100% yes and yes and yes, all the way. I was told Ayo meant soft in our dialect, and I used to wonder if we were ever left to live up to that awesome nickname. I mean, when I reflect on all we went through in our girlhood, it wasn’t soft. Maybe, we had to be the one to make it our own version of soft, but what did we know, and which resources did we have at our disposal? Fractured is what I chose to candidly label our girlhood. But I am so happy and grateful that despite that severe fracture brought about by all those adverse childhood experiences and our dramatic transition to motherhood of sorts at age 12, first to our siblings and then to our own baby at age 24, we made it and are living our own version of soft. You see, I even added merry to Marie which is the name we got at baptism.


UMIND! Peggie Shangwa, a Zimbabwean African trailblazing poetic angel. Her poems are motion pictures, mind throbbing films that are timeless and must archived for descendants of upcoming epochs. She is our African literary woman Shakespeare of our times to walk the Zimbabwean red earth. Her audience carry calabashes of so fresh spring water to wash down nourishing breakfasts of her literary consciousness. Her verses are a full course meal of mental liberation. Shangwa is a Shona or Karanga word meaning poverty, trouble or penury. It is ironic because UMIND! Boasts of intellectual prowess and abundant literary wealth. Shangwa is among the crème dela crème of African Verse. She breathes her words on page and dance the same words on stand up spoken word enclosures. The high rising versifier is a trendsetter, organizer, teacher and firm believer psalms and proverbs. UMIND! PEGGIE SHANGWA is our APRIL GOLDEN LIBERATING VOICE 2019.


NANCY NDEKE smokes poetry weed every dawn. She puffs out fogs of metaphor and fumes of African imagery curl like tendrils into the oil soaked wind of Nairobi. The city of Nairobi rubs off sleep from its eyes and then slide into another drunkenness. POETRY.Ndeke is a religious imbiber of black African bean made drink. The black coffee refreshment stirs up her stream of consciousness and oils her mental conveyor belt. The flesh of her verse is greased with smuffs of sweet honey and coated by a sumu of hot chilies .You know what I mean, PARADOX. The African Poet Lioness gluttonously chews the flesh of Oxford English syntax and shreds Cambridge grammar into mouth tasting delicious African metaphors in English . She is a literary trendsetter, Africanizing poetry and protecting us like her brood from the head knocking and tongue blocking Canterbury Tales. She is a literary revolutionary rebel breaking the traditional convectional page poetry chains of Shakespeare and his peers. Nancy Ndeke rises early before dew washes the earth of Africa as her pen’s saliva bathes crevices and meadows with African scented English verse .Her psalmic expressions are tongs of red coal that burn blood sucking like anopheles dictators and autocratic zealots sipping our sweat as wash down on high tables every breakfast


HANNIE ROUWELER is a creative busy literary honey bird. A Versatile versifier, multi tasked .Rouweler is an international poetry archivist, globally acclaimed poetry publisher. She loves sharing exclaimed literary moments. In 2018 Poet publisher Rouweler released Table of Words , a seven poet International offing and she recently published The BRIDGE, a nine country gem collection with a top notch goal of uniting poets across nations, promoting literary diplomacy and cultural exchanges among nations through WORD. . The rarity of the BRIDGE is that it is trilingual (Dutch, English and Mandarin). The collections have since been archived by libraries at distinguished universities in Netherlands.