Martina Mwanza brings Sotambe to Kitwe.

MARTINA HAJKOVA MWANZA Born in Czech Republic where she did her Master’s in Development Studies. For many years, she actively participated in the organisation of the biggest Human Rights Film Festival in Czech Republic. Martina came to Zambia in 2010 to undertake a social research for her thesis, and she basically lives here ever since. During her employment as a lecturer at the Zambia Catholic University, she had a desire to promote the use of film in the learning process and create a platform for college and university students to share ideas. Her passion for filmmaking and arts led to the established of a SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival that is currently the biggest film festival in Zambia promoting local film productions. The organisation known as the SOTAMBE Film Institute offers workshops and filmmaking Boot Camps but the annual Film Festival remains the main activity of the organisation. Her dream is to create an international standard Film Festival for the Southern African filmmakers. “I strongly believe that media – and film especially - are very powerful tools that lead to the social change in the given society – particularly through the changing identity of individuals. Whether the change will be a good one, it depends on what we choose to see.” — with Martina Mwanza.