Inside the OpenTalk with Amazing Patricia Travis.

Amazingly,  WOMAWORDS continues Conversations with both prominent and rising women artists, activists and writers that inspire their communities through various projects. As per our principle, we value excellence, dexterity and prowess. We are overjoyed as usual to feature prominence and profile greatness. The WOMAWORDS eDitor, Mbizo CHIRASHA met with prolific Vision Therapist , prominent Mural  Artist and Poet PATRICIA TRAVIS, the most exciting about her artist gigs is versatility, she switches from being a poet to a musician  and fuses her writings with community intervention errands while she also use her Vision Therapist expertise to heal children and  the elderly who are visually impaired. WONDERFUL. We are gratified to welcome   you into the CONVERSATIONS STUDIO, Iconic human being Patricia Travis, Aluta Continua- blurb by WOMAWORDS eDitor, Mbizo CHIRASHA.

Hokis Patches Our broken EARTH with POETRY !!!

HOKIS  is Founder and Senior Editor of Headline.  She believes in supporting a range of voices at various stages of their craft for this is the most impactful design of grassroots revolutions. She envisions Headline as a platform that exemplifies the beliefs that all poetry is political and reflection is essential to effectively reshape conversations and culture – for writers and readers alike.Beyond the boundless bounds of Headline, Hokis assists the local-to-her Moth-inspired storytelling project, regularly contributes to Reclamation Magazine and is a 2020 hall of fame-r with Woman Words Literary Press.  Visit her personal workspace for links to published pieces and read in-progress drafts.

Batswana’s top drawer griot is Gorata Mighty Ntshwabi.

“Literature is the creative imagination expressed through both written and spoken word.As a poet and an author I strongly believe that literature is an open boundary to express our feelings with much more freedom and a formula to connect the mind, spiritual being, the inner self, the physical being and the outside world.Through literature our pens grounding and word of mouth speak for us.It is very important as literature pen grounds and spoken words to voice out for the voiceless, be advocates, unearth and preserve literature from grassroots level. poetry is educational, therapeutic and recreational” Mighty Ntshwambi.

Poet Omwa ombara blows the air of Peace to Sudan

Author Omwa Ombara is a highly rated newscaster, trailblazing writer, published author and an internationally acclaimed journalist. Her pen breathes an energy packed message of peace .Her ink bathes crevices of African disunity with a motherly vigor. Her poetry washes the dirty laundry of Africa with that grandmotherly touch. She wields her sickle of peace, her pen to whip the unwanted grass of war, xenophobia, banditry and afrophobia from the African Savanah. Her imagery weeps with the peace starved and hungry children of Juba. Her metaphors sob with war torn mothers in Khartoum. Ombara dreams of African poetry nation, where poets will take up their ink loaded guns their pens to bring back Africa, African Ubuntu, human rights, freedom of expression and equality. It is great meeting you Comrade Sister Author Omwa Ombara, thank you for agreeing to be part of #mypennameistrailblazer. Your latest poem A DIRGE OF HOPE FOR SUDAN is mind raving.

Corina Oprae writes poetry onto palms of life .

CORINA OPROAE (Făgăraş, Romania, 1973) has a degree in English and Spanish Philology by the University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. From 1998, she has been living in Catalonia, Spain. She writes in Spanish, translates from Romanian and English into Catalan and Spanish. She has participated in poetry readings in Barcelona, Girona, Cadaqués, Madrid, Segovia, Praga, Iași, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Bogota. In 2016 she published her first poetry book in Spanish, Mil y una muertes [The thousand and one death] at La Garúa publishing house in Barcelona which was translated into Romanian and published in 2018 by Școala Ardeleană Publishing house. Her second poetry book Intermitencias [Intermittencies] was published at Sabina Publishing House, Madrid in 2018. Some of her poems have been translated into Romanian, Czech, Swedish, Italian, Serbian and English. She has been included in different anthologies. She has translated into Catalan and Spanish poems by Marin Sorescu, Ana Blandiana (Jordi Domènech Poetical Translation award 2015), Lucian Blaga, Gellu Naum, Dinu Flamand

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha Africa’s Poetic Tigress

The Poetic Tigress of Naijaland. Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a trendsetting author with her several verses spewed from her gun loaded with satire and paradox. Behold her pen is mightier than the sword. She is truly trailblazing with more than seven publications and a litany of writings archived across the globe. She is published both offline and online in more 100 spaces. The poet pen slinger scribe rise with giant footsteps of the defiant sun every dawn wielding her writer's hoe ,her pen to serenade the earth with her well cultivated thoughts that later germinate into books that feed our hungry minds with nutritious ingredients of literary consciousness . Her amazingbooks will be exhibited in the forthcoming #mypennameistrailblazer journal-Mbizo Chirasha( Chief Editor of WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS)

Martina Mwanza brings Sotambe to Kitwe.

MARTINA HAJKOVA MWANZA Born in Czech Republic where she did her Master’s in Development Studies. For many years, she actively participated in the organisation of the biggest Human Rights Film Festival in Czech Republic. Martina came to Zambia in 2010 to undertake a social research for her thesis, and she basically lives here ever since. During her employment as a lecturer at the Zambia Catholic University, she had a desire to promote the use of film in the learning process and create a platform for college and university students to share ideas. Her passion for filmmaking and arts led to the established of a SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival that is currently the biggest film festival in Zambia promoting local film productions. The organisation known as the SOTAMBE Film Institute offers workshops and filmmaking Boot Camps but the annual Film Festival remains the main activity of the organisation. Her dream is to create an international standard Film Festival for the Southern African filmmakers. “I strongly believe that media – and film especially - are very powerful tools that lead to the social change in the given society – particularly through the changing identity of individuals. Whether the change will be a good one, it depends on what we choose to see.” — with Martina Mwanza.

Beatrice Othieno-Ahere’s Violins of Self-Expression.

Poetry has given me a voice, removed me from the shadows, a voice beyond my speech, the ability to talk without opening my mouth but making my presence felt, using my fingerprint through ink and words to show that I am here, I was here Poetry has given me a sense of self, my words are mine and they are valid no matter what the critical eye says, it is my view conveyed in ink splashed by me in my true colors, nothing more nothing less open to whatever interpretation, my part done, words released to the universe to be absorbed Poetry has given me influence, influence in the reader, to taste and savor my the words, spiced with the different colors of ink, a reflection of what was yesterday, what is today and what could be tomorrow. Poetry has given me a new family, a family of wordsmiths, new friends, no questions asked, only unconditional acceptance of who I am and want to be, critiquing is always positive for growth

Magodo-Mutukwa sings to Legendary Marechera.

Silent waters run deep. Award winning Catherine Magodo Mutukwa is a writer and then advocate of girl child rights. A purveyor oftruth and peace. Her writings are the harmonica to the reader’s soul. Her poetry carries tambourine in its lines. The rhythm attached to her verses is biblical as well as mesmerizing. She is a pen slinger par excellent, writing on the palm of this our earth against gusts of human violence and earthly crimes.Magodo Mutukwa is published in numerable journals across the world . She has more than five published books under her literary belt . She an international and seasoned bundle of talent.

Millicent Yedwa brews a New Poetry Beverage.

MILLICENT YEDWA was born in the small mining town of Bindura in 1994. Her childhood years were spent in another small mining town called Mvuma. Shaped by small and intimate spaces her work aims to produce the same effect. She seeks to create an intimate distance between her work and its readers. She holds a B.A Hons in English from the University of Zimbabwe (2017). Her work is interested in the nuances of displacement, what it does to the mind of those who go and to those who stay, the destabilization of the relations as a result of movement. She is also interested in investigating through her poetry the nature of a country that would trigger such an exodus. Her work centers on these themes but is not limited to them. She is currently in the process of compiling her first collection of poetry