#Melissa Begley brews yet another Poetic refreshment laced with Hard Truth

MELISSA BEGLEY# brews yet another hair-harrowing and nerve shredding poetically packaged hybrid memoirs. The rhythm abound is astounding and head busting. Her verbal bravado is mesmerizing. And this heart- scalding memoir is classic   as the paradox and humor become preservatives to enrich  this literary brew. Storyteller par excellence. Begley’s memoirs carry harsh realities and shattering experiences from her tender years into her tussling. The heart stabbing   sexual abuse to her soft -innocent plum in her tender life by a ravenous and uncouthed biological brother evokes salty tears in the eyes of the reader. Harsh realities. And the writers voice is pregnant with boldness and bravery that defines the iron lioness within her spirit as it carries scars of her   tumultuous life ordeal. We have a myriad of torrid, untold stories hidden in the heart caves of many, vulnerable in from dust villages of Nyamapanda to the heart of favelas in South Americas and streets of Chicago. The writer poet chronicler in Melissa Begley traverses with us without much farce. We gasp and choke as we tread along the twists and turns of her mind boggling and traumatic live trends. Melissa Begley   is a trailblazing film story. She is her story. Her story unravels the realities and complexities of the ordeals of young girls and women as they groan under the yoke of chauvinism and sexual barbarism.  WOMAWORDS is overjoyed to feature such boldness, bravery, wit and dexterity.  MELISSA BEGLEYS Writings compliments her role as our #DAUGHTERSOFTHEEARTHPROJECT Fundraising Coordinator. The Project was delayed by the menacing COVID 19 lock downs. We are resuming the # Daughters of the Earth Project in the next two weeks.  ALUTA CONTINUA (WOMAWORDS EDITOR-Mbizo Chirasha) *

Reading the Camera with Iconic Film Artist #Joyce Mhango-Chavula

Malawi  carries talent , creativity and natural wealth in its DNA.The country boasts of amazing people ,mesmerizing   dialects , water mass  and ever-laughing frogs  ,undulating mountainous landscapes. I remember , Mulanje hills. Ambiance abound . Yes , Malawi has its own negatives but today we are talking of #ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE .#WOMAWORDS features an internationally acclaimed , award winning Film Artist #JOYCE MHANGO -CHAVULA , A distinguished Film Arts Artist , an Iconic Performances Arts Leader . She carries in her DNA artistic wealth and creative gems.Her Artistic resume is nerve-raving  and mind boggling . A food for thought!. We are greatly humbled and also overjoyed to  profile EXCELLENCE  to  evoke inspiration other women voices . And the profile Exhibition is accompanied Film trailers.*( Blurb by WOMAWORDS Editor,MBIZO CHIRASHA)*ALUTA CONTINUA!

Writer Barbara Mhangami , our revered Sister’s Keeper and a bold storyteller.

  Mhangami  introduces  a new  and unique story writing style. The story titled "Please leave your Shoes at the door" is candid  and bold.All her artistic presentations are characterized by traces of boldness and streaks of bravery. She is a voice worth reading ,learning and listening . Mhangami is armed with creative  resilience  and artistic steadfastness to empower women as she also advocates for the rights of the girl child through creativity platforms and social digital spaces. Mhangami is our Sisters Keeper. Read , enjoy and comprehend this unique story by our bold and brave Comrade Barbara Mhangami -Ruwende- Curator of WOMAWORDS.

Batswana’s top drawer griot is Gorata Mighty Ntshwabi.

“Literature is the creative imagination expressed through both written and spoken word.As a poet and an author I strongly believe that literature is an open boundary to express our feelings with much more freedom and a formula to connect the mind, spiritual being, the inner self, the physical being and the outside world.Through literature our pens grounding and word of mouth speak for us.It is very important as literature pen grounds and spoken words to voice out for the voiceless, be advocates, unearth and preserve literature from grassroots level. poetry is educational, therapeutic and recreational” Mighty Ntshwambi.

Beatrice Othieno-Ahere’s Violins of Self-Expression.

Poetry has given me a voice, removed me from the shadows, a voice beyond my speech, the ability to talk without opening my mouth but making my presence felt, using my fingerprint through ink and words to show that I am here, I was here Poetry has given me a sense of self, my words are mine and they are valid no matter what the critical eye says, it is my view conveyed in ink splashed by me in my true colors, nothing more nothing less open to whatever interpretation, my part done, words released to the universe to be absorbed Poetry has given me influence, influence in the reader, to taste and savor my the words, spiced with the different colors of ink, a reflection of what was yesterday, what is today and what could be tomorrow. Poetry has given me a new family, a family of wordsmiths, new friends, no questions asked, only unconditional acceptance of who I am and want to be, critiquing is always positive for growth

Ugandan Protest Poet dares Autocrats.

Her pages drip with blood of autocrats she killed with the acid of her satire .Afroetry MA prunes naked the egoistic and chauvinistic dunderheads , discard them into the streets of humiliation .She writes her imagery on the hardened palms of city laborers and spits her ink to enlighten the sandy hearts of poverty tired peasants . Afroetry’s paradoxical lyrics cast out racial demons of unrepentant morons not willing to embrace tolerance as a tool of modernity and human existence. She sings her rhymes to the now cold hearted sisters strangled to inferiority by violence and vagaries of negative traditionalism- Mbizo Chirasha (is the Curator of WOMEN OF RESILIENCE JOURNAL).


“For far too long, the traditional publishing industry – and many facets of the larger arts scene – has, like much else, been divided into “haves” and “have nots”. Those in power have controlled not only the dominant discourses, but access to who is able to share what, and how. Too often what is deemed “literature” or “art” reflects not quality (a problematic category unto itself!), but rather, which mirrors the dominant power structure of a given society. Traditional publishing structures have often posed a series of closed doors, selectively open to a privileged few, and only on certain terms. The ability to access widespread readerships and audiences was frequently limited by – and to – those who controlled the means of production. Yet innovative grassroots publishing initiatives, many of which are emerging out of the African literary and cultural scene, have the power to change that. Increased online access has been democratizing the means of production. As Alexander Nderitu (www.AlexanderNderitu.com) articulates in his e-manuscripts Changing Kenya’s Literary Landscape and Changing the Literary Map of Africa, writers increasingly have the opportunity to empower themselves and share their work

Millicent Yedwa brews a New Poetry Beverage.

MILLICENT YEDWA was born in the small mining town of Bindura in 1994. Her childhood years were spent in another small mining town called Mvuma. Shaped by small and intimate spaces her work aims to produce the same effect. She seeks to create an intimate distance between her work and its readers. She holds a B.A Hons in English from the University of Zimbabwe (2017). Her work is interested in the nuances of displacement, what it does to the mind of those who go and to those who stay, the destabilization of the relations as a result of movement. She is also interested in investigating through her poetry the nature of a country that would trigger such an exodus. Her work centers on these themes but is not limited to them. She is currently in the process of compiling her first collection of poetry

#LIBERATEDPEN: Liberating Voices Journal.

The pen is the mouth that spills words intended to tell. Be it in poesy or prose the telling must come in purity of purpose and duty. It must communicate and the resultant tale must find a mark in the hearts of men. To do so, art must draw its lines of imagery and staggering metaphors so the telling takes on an indelible mark. And the wedding of the Jeli takes place. The birth of the griot is witnessed. The path clears centuries of fog infested tales of down-sided-ness where truth was clean shaved and dulled with chocolate lies of pale tongues till the liar believed his own lies start to melt under the scrutiny of the stretching pen and the honeyed rebuke of the naked truth. It is creativity entering the womb one more time to read the passage of living in a land long condemned by thugs who won’t leave. It is the entertainment with infotainment on arenas in our continent where power outage is a guarantee. So the pen rises like a jutting stone stubbornly refusing to weather centuries of battering weather. The pen must sharpen its tit with intellect if it has to score a bull in conception of its future protégé. It must earn respect from its style and presentation with beauty to over throw the vulgar even if it has to borrow from the devil the art of flinging mad. Different times in the stretch of timelessness demand different approach. Change being the constant in the battle to reclaim what we were before we mutated, truth can only be flung on the theater of the world with precision and clarity.