HANNIE ROUWELER is a creative busy literary honey bird. A Versatile versifier, multi tasked .Rouweler is an international poetry archivist, globally acclaimed poetry publisher. She loves sharing exclaimed literary moments. In 2018 Poet publisher Rouweler released Table of Words , a seven poet International offing and she recently published The BRIDGE, a nine country gem collection with a top notch goal of uniting poets across nations, promoting literary diplomacy and cultural exchanges among nations through WORD. . The rarity of the BRIDGE is that it is trilingual (Dutch, English and Mandarin). The collections have since been archived by libraries at distinguished universities in Netherlands.


NTEBEZA is a Ugandan word meaning Tell me a story.NTEBEZA has been adapted by creative crazes into a reverberating African Poetry Night taming the concrete jungle of Kampala into a Kingdom of literary hymns and a Canaan of metaphors. Carolyne Afroetry MA’s poetry beats resonate with honky honking drums of urban pop and wind pressing tenor of car horns. The Afroetry Duchess recently graced the Ladyhood event to pay tribute to the resilient revolutionary voices of Womanhood. Mbale is where the sun bathes the earth, hills and pastures in Uganda. Likewise ACEN’s poetry washes off devil hood and falsehood from this our Earthly Kingdom. In Mbale, the Afroetry Duchess Carolyne M.Acen serenaded academic green horns, fellow bards and rabbis with her waterfall gushing poetic prowess. When literary Royalty duties call, they call in droves, they will be no time to exhale or inhale the gift of oxygen. At most times the Duchess is a busy bee , writing lines , rehearsing punch verses and speaking to her world through city stereos and metro- televisions .On the 8th of March( woman month) Sanyu F.M and Sheraton Hotel hosted the poetic Duchess Carolyne M.ACEN and as usual the She-Hero griot sang from her poetry hymn book with that excelling air of creative diligence .