NANCY NDEKE smokes poetry weed every dawn. She puffs out fogs of metaphor and fumes of African imagery curl like tendrils into the oil soaked wind of Nairobi. The city of Nairobi rubs off sleep from its eyes and then slide into another drunkenness. POETRY.Ndeke is a religious imbiber of black African bean made drink. The black coffee refreshment stirs up her stream of consciousness and oils her mental conveyor belt. The flesh of her verse is greased with smuffs of sweet honey and coated by a sumu of hot chilies .You know what I mean, PARADOX. The African Poet Lioness gluttonously chews the flesh of Oxford English syntax and shreds Cambridge grammar into mouth tasting delicious African metaphors in English . She is a literary trendsetter, Africanizing poetry and protecting us like her brood from the head knocking and tongue blocking Canterbury Tales. She is a literary revolutionary rebel breaking the traditional convectional page poetry chains of Shakespeare and his peers. Nancy Ndeke rises early before dew washes the earth of Africa as her pen’s saliva bathes crevices and meadows with African scented English verse .Her psalmic expressions are tongs of red coal that burn blood sucking like anopheles dictators and autocratic zealots sipping our sweat as wash down on high tables every breakfast


HANNIE ROUWELER is a creative busy literary honey bird. A Versatile versifier, multi tasked .Rouweler is an international poetry archivist, globally acclaimed poetry publisher. She loves sharing exclaimed literary moments. In 2018 Poet publisher Rouweler released Table of Words , a seven poet International offing and she recently published The BRIDGE, a nine country gem collection with a top notch goal of uniting poets across nations, promoting literary diplomacy and cultural exchanges among nations through WORD. . The rarity of the BRIDGE is that it is trilingual (Dutch, English and Mandarin). The collections have since been archived by libraries at distinguished universities in Netherlands.