Anjum Wasim Dar , a resilient literary arts activism cadre!

*ANJUM WASIM DAR* is one among great   and resilient literary arts activism cadres. Her simplified but deep lyrical verses drive the reader back into the memory threads of Victorian literatures. Wasim Dar s  poetic consciousness has stood resilient against  war lordism,  pandemics and cyclones . The poet writer teacher is writing still, her revolutionary voice chanting still. Her literary voices resonate with the incessant chant of freedom voices, it cracks and rhymes against thuds of grenades and smashing blows by totalitarian regimes in her backyard. Poet Writer Anjum Wasim Dar is the WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS Editorial Associate in Pakistan. Aluta Continua!!- by WOMAWORDS CURATOR.


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Why art thou so forlorn?

why hast thou kept secret

the words penned with love,

and I wonder why God made

us roses to bear the silent woes

remaining on our stems and toes’

All our life we  live with thorns

life is short we wither away soon

sooner when cruelty plucks

plucked we petal away, fall-

fallen we are crushed

yet we  share,other’s crushes

accept the deep breaths

of  emotional spirits;

why do I see this open page

in this state for hours long

what words make the wrong

what soul  hurts the heart, strong?

I may change colors

my love remains the same

I  hear each day a name

pouring poems on the screen

I wonder whether the work

is seen”

waiting for answers is ordained

may come may not come

so why not hold the one

who is close’

for beauty must fade

and life must shade

Look ,before I wither ‘

I am the Beautiful Rose.



My dearest daughters,
home is not the same –
since time took you away to your own,
you are special, you will always be,
for the love and care you have shown;
to my mom and me; and to
all around you, known and unknown;
for the peace you would bring
to all arguments and all things;
you are special for all you shared
held my bags, dresses books and spared-
stored and saved my weakening strength;
when you gave me time,
you could have spent with your friends-
thank you dears, May Allah make all amends –
and Bless you with love  joy and peace
from all ends,  of the Heavens and Universe, amen.
You are my precious daughters,
my life my soul I think of you always,
Always in my heart, and never ever, to part.

I had the courage that day, to say
You can say what you may but I too can
have , my way- If I respect, it means not
that I am weak, I can see and have the power
to speak-
Ah now the grace and the spell

The first look  is full of  charms
Later the bells ring alarms
‘Watch Out’ a brutal possessor’
a Cancerian shooter  killer
‘I cut away anyone who comes
in between, the aim and me’
O  how plainly it poisons me
wish to break the fetters free
but alas’ for the work and the
benefit monetary-
‘Go  Cut your hair’ wear red
either follow this or be dead’
after hearing this I wish I had said
‘why don’t you wear dark ‘
be stung and be attacked
either retired or simply fired
and never by anyone else hired’
may you have the aches and pains
depression stress and loss of gains’
but ‘Yes Ma’am’, is all I can say, quickly
I place the files and run hurriedly away.
Having the height and the flair the
advantage is all with the smile and the sway-
How long will these last-one burst or one blast
All will shatter, all will fade,then it will be dust
and a spade, the resting place anywhere or in a ditch
Your command will be cut and  fairness will have no hitch


A piercing strident scream
blasted the glass of the vaulted dome
drops of dark crimson blood dappled
the colored window panes,
thousand glittering cutting
pieces scattered jewel like
on the marble floor,
pitched the delirious horror
into pleated mental frames,
panic emitted further moans
and sonorous groans
futile were the efforts to
cover the sinful shames’
repetitively, reignited burning air
seeming to cool,yet sizzling again
kept the agony eternal in lasting pain
Who to Call? Who to Blame?
Who will help when words fail?
Who will hold the Holy Grail?
All Time, No Time gone with a swish
suffering may go if you truthfully wish
Come Come Come, be honest be good
Leave the shell , walk straight away
from Hell
The Truth The Truth Tell’ Tell’


I’m not sure I understand is it Delphi or Olympus

Half the run of the sun circling months a dozen;

I’m not sure I understand space  or just a cave,

or Eden,where Hyperboreans near Euxine live;

I’m not sure I understand,  the Gods  at war or

we, with drones , bombs falling, borders frozen;

I’m not sure I understand chants, vows broken,

raised fists, binding bonds, faithless’ crooks’

I’m not sure I understand why I laugh or cry

am I like Athena without the owl so  wise

I’m not sure I understand why I reach out far

trying in vain to grasp the unseen emotion bar

I’m not sure I understand, but I should by now

beguiled dethroned fallen, to whom I must bow-



how many flowers plucked held, bent
how many words bowered,  formed sent
how many moments hours, days spent
in waiting hoping  praying the years went
innocent heart your love is true
but its not for this world so blue
where life is dark and flesh decadent
where sight is cold and emotions silent
you may choose from all the  flowers
and send all flowers of as many colors
alas the fate of seekers is  well known
they stop to find ‘the bird has flown”
‘true love is not destined in this world
keep walking seeking holding flowers,
like the Dervish swirl sing,sing swirl,
drench your soul in  heavenly showers
so many flowers
so many moments
so many thoughts
so many words…

Many Flowers

                                                           ANJUM WASIM DAR

Born in Srinagar (Indian Occupied )Kashmir,Migrant Pakistani.Educated at
St Anne’s Presentation Convent Rawalpindi. MA in English MA in History (
Ancient Indo-Pak  Elective) CPE Cert.of Proficiency in English Cambridge
UK. -Dip.TEFL AIOU Open Uni. Islamabad Pakistan.Writing poems articles and stories since 1980.Published  Poet.Awarded Poet of Merit Bronze Medal  2000 USA .Worked as Creative Writer Teacher Trainer.  Educational Consultant by Profession.Published Poet.Author of 3 Adventure Novels (Series)  7 Times Winner NANOWRIMO 2011- 2019.





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*An International Digital  publishing  Space   to   AMPLIFY  the Artistic Voices and Creative Prowess   of the girl child. A Fast Rising   Exhibition Platform  for  Women voices of resistance  and their artistic  resilience through Literature’s and other arts.  WOMAWORDS is haven  of  Head -busting Short Fiction . Nerve -Shredding  Poetry  And Mind -Blowing ARTISTIC  Profiles* -Authored and Curated by an Award Winning Poet , Widely Published  Essayist Writer ,  Creative Arts  Activism  IDEAS Curator and Literary Arts Projects Diplomatie,MBIZO CHIRASHA.



#DaughtersoftheEarth( A NEW PROJECT from 2020 onward with a different THEME every Year)*Daughters of the Earth Project* The  2020 THEME  is  Menstrual Health and Menstrual Equity ( an international program , more details to be announced soon). Submissions from women writers fro around the globe  and the genres  are short stories , poetry and flash fiction(hybrid).  We are going to add more SUBMISSION DETAILS about the PROJECT JURY and TIMELINES.

*WOMEN RESILIENCE PROFILE FEATURES*-  The Press is anchored by  FEATURES of Prolific Poets , Writers , Socialites and Artistic Luminaries.

LIBERATING VOICES*-  this is a quarterly  collection of VOICES  and  is guided  by a specific theme of every publication *


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