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Meet ,Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein(IHRAF FELLOW 2020).


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This WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS  Special presents to you great readers, A dedicated  writer poet activist. An Avid reader , a fighter for humanity and justice . A very important teacher , A high flying community builder .WOMAWORDS is  grossly gratified to be accorded this rare opportunity to feature this  rare breed of  a writer  poet and seeker for harmony , fighter for peace .Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein is the 2020 International  Human Rights Art  Festival  Fellow.  Thumb Vibes to Tom Block  and the Ihraf Family. Aluta Continua!!!





They are under the ground.

No grave, no funeral.

After the scavenger’s feast,

Finally, the skeletons are under the ground.

They were torched alive,

Machine guns,

Bullets piercing their bodies,

Mutilated, butchered, decapitated,


Politicians call it “Genocide”.

We leave it to our leaders,

They raise the issue in the International community,


The rest is criticism goes on.

They file cases in The International Court of Justice.

Here we rally, make human chains,

We debate in the Talk shows,

Seminars and workshops.

All in vain.

Where is Justice?

Goddess Athena hides her face in shame.

Blind Lady of Justice is blind to see the massacre.

Where Noble laureate of Peace,

Remains calm.

Defends genocide with lies,

In the International Court of Justice.

Where the voice less’s yearning,

Seems to be lost in the air.

Justice for who?

Who are they?

They are Rohingyas.

Stateless, helpless and voiceless!


Maybe they are the children of a lesser God.





I call you by your name.

But you seem to be found nowhere these days.

When men women are lynched to death,

Killed in the street in broad daylight.

Millennials are busy recording the heinous acts.


Who can post first in social media?

After posting, then?

Storm in social media.

Known as “viral”.

Debate after debate, discussions,

For weeks.


The rest is silence.

Then another viral and the previous is lost among countless viral.

We are self-obsessed, self-absorbed and selfish creatures,

Still known as Humans.

Are we not Nietzsche’ the last man?

Come and show your face Humanity.

How long can you hide to see the fall of human conscience?

Face and stand up.

Come out, be in the hearts of the humans.

Make them feel compassion.

Come back to this wasteland, Humanity.

Rise and be in the hearts of the people.

Let them speak for the voiceless.

We are becoming mute, deaf and blind.

Engulf us.

Show yourself.

Time for hiding has been gone for too long.

Come and reside again,

Or prepare to be lost in the oblivion.






The streets are burning, the houses are torched.

The bullets have been shot.

Some are stabbed.

Some are dead by stoning.

For what?

In the name of religion?

Which religion preaches to kill the innocent?

Mosques are burned.

Mosques or Temples or Churches or Guruduaras,

Aren’t all these houses of God?

God sees and sighs!

God weeps silently in front of the mortuary.

Where Ram’s father laments and Rahim’s mother heart-piercing cries

The air is heavy.

Is there any religion now?

The grieving parents cry and mourn,

Forgetting their religion.

Here all are equals.

As they should be anywhere.

Why after police brutality these half-dead people,

Need to prove their loyalty to the state?

By singing the national anthem?

Because they belong to a particular community?

One community attack and the other retaliate?

When does it end?

Politicians provoke violence and sleep peacefully,

With security.

No FIR for the politicians who spread hate speech.

Where families run for safety here and there.

Sleepless, wounded and starving.

They ask themselves, where are you, God?

He is here.

Singh brothers extend their hands.

The Guruduaras are opened for all.

For Rams and Rahims, who have lost everything.

The gates of Guruduaras embrace,

All the helpless children of God.

Here all are equals.

As it should be.

We are all equals in the eyes of God.

Remember, “Goons”, the color of the blood is red.

Ram, Rahim and Singh.

All of their blood color is red.

After the storm, the infectious germs are gone.

Ram, Rahim and Singh after the burning the north east of the city,

Rise together.

They build from the remnants,

And look towards the future,

With hope.

*Note: The poem is written on the Delhi, India communal violence 23-25 February 2020

Ram: represents the Hindu community, Rahim: represents the Muslim community

Singh: represents Sikh community

Guruduara: Sikh temple and place of worship.*


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                                           *Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein   IHRAF Fellwship  Experience* 


It has been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of IHRAF. I feel through IHRAF, we can build a community to fight against injustice, crimes against Humanity and speak for the voiceless and marginalized community. IHRAF has introduced me to new concepts, especially performance arts. I feel more encouraged now. I believe strongly now, that art and literature can bring change. I am moved by the solidarity of this community. I am so motivated that instead of sharing my poems, I share IHRAF posts in social medias. The exclusion of self and submerging into the community for the higher sake of Humanity, human rights and justice is a fantastic experience. IHRAF has always been cooperative, and no matter how busy they are, they will reply, suggest and assist in any way they can. I feel blessed to be part of IHRAF.


 TABASSUM TAHMINA SHAGUFTA HUSSEIN as aesthete from Dhaka, Bangladesh is an MA in British and American Literature. She was a faculty in three leading private universities in Bangladesh. She was the Head of training in HR Division in the corporate sector. She is also an HRMC and MPHRM holder. Now, she is a freelance writer. She is a regular columnist of Different Truths Publications, India. Her columns deal with humanitarian to diverse issues. Her poems have appeared in many literary magazines notably, Our Poetry Archive Spiritual Poetry Beyond Borders Anthology 2018, Our Poetry Archive Spirit of Nature Anthology 2019, A Tribute to Gabriel Okara IMOMOTIMI Anthology 2019, Turnpike Magazine, IHRAF publishes. She writes poems about human rights, spiritual, love, myths, natural, abstract and experimental poetry. She likes to write in prose style and prefers soliloquy and dramatic monologue style. She is also a member of the Governing Body of her hometown college founded by her late father, who is her inspiration. Travelling, recitation and making DIY jewellery is her past time. She seeks beauty from the blade of grass to the twinkling stars. Aestheticism and humanism are the essences of her existence. She can be reached at


                                         WOMAWORDS CHIEF EDITOR*78743125_10220115507420926_5312278382216478720_n

MBIZO  CHIRASHA  is the Poet in Residence at the Fictional Café
(International publishing and literary digital space). 2019 Sotambe
Festival Live Literature Hub and Poetry Café Curator. 2019 African
Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival( ,
Essays Contributor to Monk Art and Soul Magazine in United Kingdom
.Arts Features Writer at the International Cultural Weekly .His
Profiles , Interview and Poems are featured on ,in Slovenia.
Founder and Chief Editor of WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. Founder and
Curator of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal. Co-Editor of Street Voices
Poetry triluangal collection( English , African Languages and Germany)
intiated by Andreas Weiland in Germany. Poetry Contributor to in Belgium. African Contributor to DemerPress
International Poetry Book Series in Netherlands. African Contributor
to the World Poetry Almanac Poetry Series in Mongolia. His latest 2019
collection of experimental poetry A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT was
released by Mwanaka Media and Publishing and is both in print, on and at is featured at African Books Collective. Mbizo
Chirasha is the Originator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign.
Founder and Creative Director of Girl Child Talent Festival and
GirlChildCreativity Project. 2003 Young Literary Arts Delegate to the
Goteborg International Book Fair Sweden (SIDA AFRICAN PAVILION) .2009
Poet in Residence of the International Conference of African Culture
and Development (ICACD) in Ghana.The Vice President of Poetsof the
WORLD, ,African Region. Global Peace Chain
Ambassador. 2009 Fellow to the inaugural UNESCO- Africa Photo- Novel
Publishers and Writers Training in Tanzania. 2015 Artist in Residence
of the Shunguna Mutitima International Film and Arts Festival in
Livingstone, Zambia. A globally certified literary arts influencer,
Writer in Residence and Recipient of the EU-Horn of Africa Defend
Defenders Protection Fund Grant, Recipient of the Pen Deutschland
Exiled Writer Grant. He is an Arts for Peace and Human Rights
Catalyst, the Literary Arts Projects Curator, Poet, Writer, publicist
is published in more 200 spaces in print and online.





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*An International Digital  publishing  Space   to   AMPLIFY  the Artistic Voices and Creative Prowess   of the girl child. A Fast Rising   Exhibition Platform  for  Women voices of resistance  and their artistic  resilience through Literature’s and other arts.  WOMAWORDS is haven  of  Head -busting Short Fiction . Nerve -Shredding  Poetry  And Mind -Blowing ARTISTIC  Profiles* -Authored and Curated by an Award Winning Poet , Widely Published  Essayist Writer ,  Creative Arts  Activism  IDEAS Curator and Literary Arts Projects Diplomatie,MBIZO CHIRASHA.













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