Hokis Patches Our broken EARTH with POETRY !!!

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Hokis is Armenian for “my soul,” or “my beloved.” It is the name her Armenian birth mother gave to her when they met in 1992. She chose it for a pen name so to embody characters more compassionately, to view life’s complexities from the balcony. On lucky days, perhaps even from the rings of Saturn.


After the death of her dearest adoptive dad in 2017, she semi-retired from business cards and job titles. Like an involuntary muscle, life undulated her from the physical world towards the beckoning lush dendrite maze of her poet-self. She is never sure if this self’s version is a beacon or a siren. Time will tell, perhaps.


Hokis enjoys her new life. Quiet, well-paced and imperfectly perfect days. Intensely joyful, and proportionally grief-filled. {“maybe intense joy is part of grief,” she wonders}. Words dancing around objects like a hummingbird certain there is nectar near. {would that read more precisely as “certain their nectar is near,” another wonder. they happen often}.


She habitually seeks opportunities for ways to leverage writing-based communities and carves out openings for the communal work required to reshape conversation and culture. These results are seen in her regular contributions to Reclamation Magazine, her digital publication Headline Poetry & Press and on her workspace blog






our stories hide


between couch cushions and

in empty medicine vials.


the let loose moments

of garbled wrappers and stenched bottles

drizzled over our bedside table 

like syrup on empty caloried



we keep eating them.

that first bit so sweet.

we call the end 

the constant middle 


between the purge-less binge 

and death.






Truth exists in the

inebriated scream

rising from the cave

man’s soul.


I hear, most often, a

lonely, mournful howl and

Shame-inoculated raging whispers.


With a humble drop of my shoulder’s chip,

nestled as the distant moon,

I realize the power this fraught 

cycle brings to man’s toxic stalagmite-

encrusted insides.


The mazed cave of secrets fills.

Toxic drink floods,

a sweet detoxifying tsunami for

the shadow soul.


It is now time for me to go, to 

camouflage against blue sky.

The sun is rising, and

it is light’s time.


I am still here, out in 

full, even when in parts.

Faithing with my tidal powers.

Steadied by a universal knowing;

intoxicating rays of pure sunlight 

invite the belly cave 

close enough to the edge 

of safety, relinquish control to imagination.


Once a cave, now a star-lit pore

on the surface of man’s already 

beautiful, canvased skin.





could it be that he’s afraid

you are the man in the woods

threatening with knife, tempting

to cut out his innocence

for future use –


in dying man’s nightmare.


could it be that he’s afraid

you are that man in the woods

who froze his throat and filled his mouth

for nothing more than a release –


the tadpoles of Endorphine Creek.


Could it be that he’s angry

because we useless saplings were

just up the street, a rough-edged skipping stone

away from the clenched voice –


my big brother.


Could it be that I’m sorry

because had I heard him

not even my tap root could have prevented me

from becoming the mighty wooden predator

who would have left the bladed-prey –


without a prayer.


HOKIS  is Founder and Senior Editor of Headline.  She believes in supporting a range of voices at various stages of their craft for this is the most impactful design of grassroots revolutions. She envisions Headline as a platform that exemplifies the beliefs that all poetry is political and reflection is essential to effectively reshape conversations and culture – for writers and readers alike.Beyond the boundless bounds of Headline, Hokis assists the local-to-her Moth-inspired storytelling project, regularly contributes to Reclamation Magazine and is a 2020 hall of fame-r with Woman Words Literary Press.  Visit her personal workspace for links to published pieces and read in-progress drafts.




82440172_10220640950636678_6824900503055368192_nMBIZO CHIRASHA is the Poet in Residence at the Fictional Café (International publishing and literary digital space). 2019 Sotambe Festival Live Literature Hub and Poetry Café Curator. 2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival(https://ihraf.org/international-fellows ) , Essays Contributor to Monk Art and Soul Magazine in United Kingdom .Arts Features Writer at the International Cultural Weekly .Featured Writer Poet Activist at The Poet A Day(https://jamiededes.com/). Core Team Member and African Contributor to Bezine of Arts and Humanities(https://thebezine.com/) in USA. Flash/Short Fiction Writer for Squawk Back Publication(http://www.thesquawkback.com/2020/01/mbizo.html).Contributing Writer( Africa) to IHRAF Publishes-https://ihraf.org/ihraf-publishes.The Originator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign. Curator of MiomboPublishing Blog Journal(https://miombopublishing.wordpress.com/). 



                                                  WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS


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 WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS *An International Digital  publishing  Space   to   AMPLIFY  the Artistic Voices and Creative Prowess   of the girl child. A Fast Rising   Exhibition Platform  for  Women voices of resistance  and their artistic  resilience through Literature’s and other arts.  WOMAWORDS is haven  of  Head -busting Short Fiction . Nerve -Shredding  Poetry  And Mind -Blowing ARTISTIC  Profiles* -Authored and Curated by an Award Winning Poet , Widely Published  Essayist Writer ,  Creative Arts  Activism  IDEAS Curator and Literary Arts Projects Diplomatie,MBIZO CHIRASHA.

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